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and his knee before the ball passed into the endzone..ha

Comedy Plus

We live in a crazy world. Winning is indeed the best revenge.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I was sure hoping the Falcons would win.


retro rover

ive never paid a lick of attention to football but this is a little funny

Jackie Bouchard

Was sure wishing the Falcons would have won! The team I cheer for almost never wins. If professional teams knew this about me, they'd pay me to cheer for the opponent.

Foley, Pocket and River Song

We are proud members of the Patriots Nation. Like a proud parent sometime we look the other way.

granny annie

If I knew even a little bit about sports I would win more Trivia Crack games. Tom Brady? Patriots? Falcons? Duh...


I didn't have a dog in this race, but maybe a little bitty part of me wanted the Falcons to win just because they hadn't won in so long. One way or the other I really didn't care. Thank goodness for Law & Order reruns.

Jodi Stone

I live in CT and am not a NE fan, so I was pulling for the Falcons.

But I also have a 13-year-old boy in me, because I miss those memes as well. :-)

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