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Alas, even though the video footage has proved to be fake far too many people simply believe it.

Comedy Plus

Kind of like our current political system. I'm so sick of fake news.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


WHY THAT IS TERRIBLE!!!Ruined people from going to the show.


M. K.

I will never watch a movie where the dog dies. I have only made two exceptions, Marley & Me and Turner & Hooch. Never, ever again! I'm glad to know about this website!


I cry so much when an animal (especially a dog) dies in a movie that friends and family are embarrassed. That website is a great idea.

granny annie

Unless we see something with our own eyes, we can't believe it these days.


I'm sick of fake news whether it involves humans or animals. I have yet to watch Marley & Me or Turner & Hootch (BTW I didn't know Hootch or was it Turner bit the dust until now).

Thanks to your posts, I have come to believe that the 'P' in PETA stands for political and that the organization doesn't stand for the ethical treatment of animals. Period.

Dennis the Vizsla

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Jodi Stone

Somehow, I did not know about that website, but you can be sure I'll be checking it from now on.

Sad thing about a Dog's Purpose, I know a lot of people that boycotted that movie because of the video. If it was supposed to work as a publicity stunt, I feel like it backfired.

Also...I snorted when I heard PETA issued a statement.Siriusly, PETA has no merit with me.

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