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EAGHL/Granny Annie

Those bomb sniffing and drug sniffing dogs deserve high praise. We do not even begin to know how they insure our safety on a day to day basis.

Foley, Pocket and River Song

A tip of the tail to all these dogs

M. K.

I love seeing these four-legged heroes. They have been worried about something happening at the SuperBowl for years. I hope it is a fun and safe game this year too.

Comedy Plus

It's a shame that we have to deal with these things at all. It's such a different world we live in. Some good, but some not so good. Thank goodness for these wonderful four legged hard workers.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


What amazing dogs these are. THANK Heavens for these amazing hard working dogs!



I can sniff out weed..that's about it..
but with der trump pissing off so many people it would be a golden moment for someone to rock our world..

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