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Donald will nuke them.

Comedy Plus

Follow the money and you'll have all the answers you need.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I think it's because of cellulite! Don't you...really?




You are good at this stuff. I could use me some climate change right now. Like climate change from NY to Florida, including a beach. Just sayin'.

Granny Annie

I don't know about reindeer but the regular deer around here (I think they are called mule deer) are the same size plus there are many, many more of them than we have had in the past. For whatever that is worth:-)

M. K.

That is something I've never thought about. I'm sure they will continue to research such things as time goes and the environment continues to change.

retro rover

The saddest global warming thing 4 me is the polar bears

Foley, Pocket and River Song

I hope Rudolph is safe


The whole sham is a money grab. There are more polar bears than there ever have been. And its a few degrees in a hundred years.


Careful. Disagreeing with "established science" will get you accused of fooling people with alternate facts.

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