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Hi Jan
Thanks your article, knows the here interesting thing about Freddy?

Granny Annie

Wish we could see Fleur too. I bet she is jealous that her BIG brother gets all the attention. I thought my son's Great Dane was big.

Comedy Plus

He's a big boy indeed. He's a handsome one too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I just think what a short life span those huge dogs have.


Lovely dog but I prefer littles

Foley, Pocket and River Song

That is one very cool dog


Still think Nick Tartaglione is one of the good ones?

Jackie Bouchard

Wow, that's a big boy! And I thought my brother's mastiff was a big boy. He's petite next to that guy! (23 sofas??! good grief - that's almost 6/year! That's one every other month!!)


WOW! What a big dog! He minds just because he wants too I'm sure. The sofa thing would break my bank...I would just have to do without.



great danes are so cool.

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