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Comedy Plus

This happens way too often. I can't imagine leaving my baby behind. The furniture and other things, but not my family member.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


How could they? How could anyone...I don't get it.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Songfol

That is the saddest picture. I pray he finds a home where the people appreciate him

Jan K

That is so heartbreaking, yet the good news is that in the end he'll be in a much better home.

Saved by dogs

Thank God he will end up with people who value him.


I saw this story earlier today. What jerks! So glad the dog was rescued.


Some people just suck. They don't deserve him.

EAGHL/Granny Annie

This week a beautiful black pup was seen running hard behind a pickup truck. Finally the truck got away and the pup was left to try and find a home. Word has it that one of my neighbors on the lake has adopted him. It happens too much around here but at least I got my Slim out of one of these dumps and Frankie is a rescue too. better that they euthanize the dog than to dump it on a country road.


How could a person live with themselves after doing something like this?

Jackie Bouchard

People frigging suck sometimes. But ultimately the dog will be better off - he'll be adopted by someone who truly loves him!


I don't understand people. I wish I could find the people who did this. The good thing is that this dog WILL find a forever home because of the publicity the photo got. So many others do not.

Monika & Sam

Hopefully Boo the pup will find a fabulous fur-ever home soon.

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