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Interesting indeed. I did not know many of those things. Thanks

Comedy Plus

I didn't know this about cats. What an interesting post. I know that all critters train their young to survive. Very interesting.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


What fun cats those kittens would be...I would be delighted to be greeted by a happy dancing cat!


Retro Rover

We need a cat at my school its over run with mice I feel like some are trying to attend my class

Granny Annie

I have five wonderful cats but they are all barn cats. They are spayed and neutered and very beautiful and it is often tempting to allow them inside since the mouse problem this year is the greatest ever. However two dogs in the house and 5 cats might be a bit much.


dexter is a great hunter, but he likes to hunt bring them in the apt and release...bastid.


Hmmm, you mean they are not just a pretty face. :-)

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