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because of my antenna problems I missed a lot of what I wanted to watch..but I saw enough that I really enjoyed it..never did get to see the kid from Tonga do his thing..will have to see if it's on youtube..but from what I saw ? I'd say A-


I didnt like the soap opera crap that had nothing to do with the olympics. And too much Ryan Lockte. I give them a D.


I think a C.



I didn't watch the games so I don't think I should give a grade. I used to be a huge fan of the Olympics, but they've lost me. I just don't care anymore.

Comedy Plus

We don't have television so we didn't watch at all. We only have Netflix and Amazon Prime. It keeps us sane.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Sonia A. Mascaro

Hello Jan,
I am glad and thank you for give to Rio de Janeiro and to my country an A!

Congratulations to you and your country for top medal winners from Olympic Games 2016, in Rio de Janeiro. Just great to have the highest numbers of medals: 121! Gold, 46, Silver, 37 and Bronze 38! Parabéns!


The coverage was, in my opinion, piss poor. If an American wasn't a favorite, you didn't get to see it. I tried their on demand, and half the time it didn't record what it said it was going to record. And take Ryan Seacrest and take his lameness and stick it where the sun don't shine. LOL ;)

M. K. Clinton

I love the Olympics and the USA was incredible. It was a shame that some swimmers decided to be stupid but overall it was fantastic.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I agree with the grade. It is a whole new world now. You used to have to watch the taped coverage to see who won but now we know who won right away. It takes away some of the magic.

The Daily Pip

I didn't see any of the Olympics this year, but I heard similar complaints from others.

Granny Annie

Let me repeat...Usain Bolt!


Not at all surprised that the online numbers were way higher than the TV numbers. Pretty much everyone I know commented that they were streaming this or that sport to watch cause it wasn't on TV!

I am old enough to remember watching ABC's olympic coverage, and even I, at the ripe old age of 14yrs, thought NBC's coverage sucked!


I can't stand networks. Their coverage was OK. I didn't hate it, and it definitely was better than the MTV version.

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