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I wonder if Dexter would let me do that.? ..bwahahahahha


I absolutely love this! This is just how things should be in the world.


This is crazy. I remember when my family was eating at the local Village Inn and a man came in with a service dog that happened to be Doberman. We were interested because we had a Doberman at the time. The man didn't seem to be disabled and the dog peed on the carpet. I wonder.


I LOVE THIS!!! Those dogs look just perfect in tote bags!


Comedy Plus

Our Little Bit weighed around 70 pounds. I can't imagine carrying her around like this. Although if I could see her again I would sure give it a try.

What a brilliant idea to take your buddy along.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

granny annie

I am wondering how this would work for my son and his Great Dane?


I love this idea, but there is no way I could carry either one of my dogs in a tote bag. Maybe a wagon. Do you think a wagon or suitcase on wheels would be acceptable. :-D


New Yorker here! There actually is no size restriction for bringing your dog on the subway, they just have to be "in a carrier." People have brought Great Danes on the subway, they just had to have two strong people (and probably not go at rush hour).


i thought that was very smart and saves the dogs a very hot walk.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I am in favor of big bags on men


How bout man bag dogs? I love it, though I love even more how in Geneva dogs could just come right on the city buses. Why are Americans so uptight about such things?

Kathe W.

what a great idea! I love this! Somehow I cannot see some men ever carrying a tote bag dog no matter how macho the dog might be! But their loss- as I bet this is a definite chick magnet....


I love this so much, and it is super cute. As you mention as long as the dogs are well behaved it's a perfect solution to the rule (in my mind at least).

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