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Let us HOPE they ban together and fire their sorry .... And that a couple of warm loving animal lovers get elected.



Aww, with all the cats out there in needs of homes this is especially saddening. And I agree with the mayor; they can blame whatever they want but voting to kick him out has nothing to do with someone asking to bring a puppy to work. If none of the actual patrons complained why does this matter to anyone?


I heard about this--can't imagine anything more stupid. We need more animals in more public spaces, not less.

Retro rover

Awful. Even if the puppy doesn't belong at city hall and though I.m a dog lover I can see it could be distracting but what's that have to do with Browser

Granny Annie

This story literally breaks my heart. What is this world coming to that one or two people can get their own panties in a wad and have the power to disappoint the rest of us?


Browser's eviction was reversed and he will be staying. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/browser-library-cat-stay_us_5776f2a6e4b0a629c1aa1c57


Yay! Browser gets to stay.

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