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Comedy Plus

I was born and raised on a dairy farm. I am well aware of the work that goes into making a living. I also love how uneducated some folks are about things. Like this guy/gal. Good grief.

A huge thank you to all the farmers out there.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I had to laugh, boy have I had that happen more than once. I usually just delete. Our day starts at 4 in the morning. That's BEFORE the birds wake up...they start chirping around 4:17. Then the whole days work ends one hour after dark...in the spring of summer that is 9:30...we try to make into bed by 11, sometimes 11:30. It just takes that long to get everything done.

Great post, Jan!


Granny Annie

What will our future hold if we keep tearing down our farmers? Good of you to offer this tribute.


It always amazes me how ignorant city people can be about where there food comes from.


I'm a city girl, but even I know where my food comes from... I "heart" farmers.

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