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Comedy Plus

What a shame that people are so stupid to do this to their four legged family member. I want to put them in the car so they can't get out and see how they like being forgotten. Horrible.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Josh Smith

I have been hearing more and more major cities and states are implementing laws against the hot car conundrum. Two thumbs up for the law, paw justice! :)

retro rover

There is no excuse. I hate seeing dogs hot period. Last Sunday myhusband and I went to an outdoor food festival on a very hot day and left oour dogs home in the AC I was kind of upset to see many dogs in attendance most of them looking uncomfortable

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Thank you for the link showing the laws. I did not see Massachusetts listed. I guess I am going to have to do a snatch and grab


I love having my dog with me...but to lock them in a inferno is stupid and senseless. I'm reposting this on my FB page!



Texas has jackshit, not surprising..

Jackie Bouchard

I never see dogs in hot cars. Thank heaven! I'm sure it's not that folks are smarter here.... Bt maybe they realize we live in a place that can get pretty darn hot in the summer. When will everyone learn??!!

Granny Annie

There shouldn't have to be laws. What has happened to common sense. If adults wouldn't want to sit in a hot car for hours, why do they think their dog (or child) would?

Jodi Stone

WHY, WHY must we tell people this? Are they clueless to all the news stories of dogs left in hot cars, of all the dogs that die in hot cars?

I really think some people shouldn't have animals (or children).


Some people are too stupid to have pets or children.

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