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That is one fantastic story! Wow! We saw first hand how quickly dogs' instincts kick in with the dog that showed up here a couple of weeks ago. He seemed totally wild and unapproachable, and his paws were worn right down til they were bleeding. Yet he had only come a couple of miles over five or six hours. It amazed me.

Comedy Plus

I love a happy ending. What an adventure that I'm sure she doesn't want to repeat.

Thanks for such a heartwarming story.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jodi Stone

From what I understand, little dogs have a very good chance because they can tuck themselves in somewhere and hide. I'm so glad Bitsy's story had a happy ending.


I am so glad there is a happy ending in this story! YAY! What a brave and VERY LUCKY little dog!


M. K. Clinton

Wow! That is one tough pup! I'm so happy that he was rescued and returned.


wow. glad for a happy ending.


that is one smart and lucky pooch.

Retro Rover

she is so cute! I am so glad she is ok


What a brave little dog. My experience with Chihuahua's is that they're very smart and Bitsy was certainly both.


Lucky dog! Must be happy to be alive and back with family.

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