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how AWFUL! glad you are on alert.


Geez! I got a email from Google asking me to verify my email. I didn't...and I still have my email.



I also got a call from them. It can't be said enough--DO NOT give out information over the phone, DO NOT do something just because someone on the phone tells you to, DO NOT be bullied by callers. HANG UP--you can always call the bank or whomever to find out if they really did just call you. Glad to hear that so many people are hanging up on these jerks. One more thing--spread the word to everybody you know who has a computer and might be trusting enough (or scared enough by the words "dangerous viruses") to fall for this.


OMG I can't believe that they are calling people now. It's bad enough when you pick up one of those crazy virus on your own. Evil...

Crazy Dog Life

They just got my husband. They called him and told him same thing ... he had a virus (which he didn't). He gave them remote access to the computer and they charged him $75 to fix something that was not wrong. Then they told him it was worse than they thought and needed more money. I came home at that time and I took phone. Told them I would handle whatever was wrong with my husband's computer. It was too late. During the remote they did make sure our computer had something wrong with it. With 15 minutes my husband had a blue screen of death. We had to cancel his credit card because when I did research on them they are a scam company and if you give them CC, they are in India and will drain your account.
So let me add this to your list of do nots! Do not give them remote access to your computer for a non-existant thing and never give them CC. They will make sure you have something before they are done.
After the CC scare, I was glad all they did was kill my husband computer.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Well there's another reason I don't bother to answer the phone.


I'm with Pamela. Answering the phone is the worst!

And Crazy Dog Life, I'm sorry that happened to your husband.

Dogs N Pawz

That's crazy! I don't answer the phone unless I know who the number belongs to.

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I'm sorry you had that experience. They can be quite persuasive and most of us are trusting when we think someone is trying to help us. Thanks for sharing.


This is so scary. My husband got a call yesterday, said they'd been trying to e-mail him with important updates and they kept getting returned. Of course we both knew it was a scam.

I had one call the house one morning about my "windows computer." I told him I didn't have a computer.

His response, "How can you say that?" and he hung up, I laughed my butt off.


yeah /i get messages on yahoo telling me I have this wrong or that wrong,,I don't go for it.


same story these guys are scamming many but after reporting its hard to trace


This has been going on for YEARS!! Thankfully one time when they called my parents house I was there and answered the phone and called their bluff. NOW they are calling ME!! Much to his dismay - I have my bachelor degree in Information Engineering Technology - basically I'm a huge computer geek - so I KNOW that the things they are telling me are NOT true OR possible!! Do NOT give these people ANY money!! Save it and buy yourself good antivirus software instead!!

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