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I really enjoy your Golden Poodle Awards - though, "enjoying" reading about the Kimmels may be over-stating it. I'll contribute to the Jackiesue fund. LOVED the post about the sled dogs. Wow. They all looked happy, too.


jeez, how can people treat their animals like that?


Robbed a bank with his chihuahua....oh my....


YES!!! I would like to help her kick the shit out and then sit them down in it!!

❤⊱彡 Linda


Sled dogs are cool, but you knew that.

The chihuahua drove the getaway cart.

I wonder if Jackiesue needs someone to ride shotgun.


I'll donate money to Jackiesue, but I'd prefer she freeze their asses to the ground in their own feces.


Robbing a bank with a Chihuahua? Now that makes perfect sense. That was clearly well planned ...

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