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that is amazing...I loved it.


I loved the german shepard. He's like am i on Candid camera?


I wish they hadn't used the fearful dog that's next to last. It kind of ruined the funny video for me.


You could tell they were like...okay where did it go...I can smell it!!!

Love the video!

❤⊱彡 Linda


Hilarious!! I love how they look around like, "HUH?!" And it's such an excellent point re: object permanence. They know it's there. And then it's not. Too funny!


Hehehe, you used comic sans.


Such a cute video! It made me laugh. All the dogs are so cute.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I'm surprised the dogs didn't sniff the treat out of its hiding place. I wish I had those hand skills. I'd love to try it on Honey.


Haha! Definitely some 'wtf' reactions from those dogs!

Lady Lilith

Lol. Thanks for the amazing video. Dogs are adorable.


Loved the varying reactions. Of course I loved the Shepherd the best :-)

OT I have had numerous messages disappear. Don't know why or where they go, but they're gone without a trace.


I love how they all looked around because they knew that treat was there!

Ruckus the Eskie


Ruckus the Eskie

Also, this is so funny, I already had this video in my draft box all ready for an upcoming Thoughtless Thursday post! hahaha You will see it there again.

Jackie Bouchard

I would have sworn I commented on this already, but maybe I'm confused and saw it on another blog?? Anyway, it's super cute!

saved by dogs

I think the Spitz was telling the magician off - that's what our Gracie would do too - she'd back up, bark, and keep barking until she got some satisfaction :-)

Ethnic Food

Fabulous post. Thanks for sharing

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