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Honestly this man is amazing, yet people would try and stop him? That sounds like a WTF post to me. :-)


whackadoodles all of them..you have won an award on my blog.


How can anyone complain about this man's work when it helps so many other dogs. These animal rights people need to get some common sense.


I hope no one would complain, but sadly I bet he is right.


Whackadoodles is the fact! That man is a lifesaver!! I say Kudos to him!



it's the post that says look what I got.hope you can see it..


Sad, isn't it? What if one of them had a dog needing blood?

Jackie Bouchard

Geez Louise - the man is doing something important that helps dogs in need! (Rita could never be a donor - she would not like that process! That and the fact that she weighs under 50lbs. Interesting about the weight limitation.) This was very interesting, as I never stopped to wonder where the blood comes from when a dog needs some!


Oh wow, your retired veterinarian is doing a fantastic and honorable thing. It's a shame, the extreme Animal Rights people, and there way of skewing pretty much every issue far into the realm of the unreasonable. I educate people about things like Peta and their euth rates pretty regularly.


This is another amazing. I for one am thankful for people that invests in saving pets lives.

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