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Those stories from shelters amaze me... so utterly foolish and heartbreaking. I believe wholeheartedly in microchipping. As we prepared to move, updating their chips was on the top of my to-do list. Although, we do still need to get Newt chipped (she doesn't go outside, but... you never know).


I've definitely known people who thought a microchip was a gps tracking device. I think people just need more information on what pet microchips actually do and that they don't do any good if the info is not updated.

I really support microchipping for cats since cats seem to have a much harder time getting reunited with their owners.


I believe wholeheartedly in microchipping and then in SHOWING THE PEOPLE HOW TO REGISTER THE ANIMAL with the chip!



My dogs and cats are chipped and I haven't moved so my pets should be safe, right?


I'm a big fan of microchips! I wish people would just automatically get it done.

Jackie Bouchard

Rita is microchipped, and I registered her online. We'll have to stay in this same house, because I'm not sure I can find back the paperwork on how to change the info!

bubblegum casting

great idea


everyone knows Dexter..

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