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I still think it was fishy.


...but thanks for sharing what you learned.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Thanks for sharing the follow up.

When Honey was microchipped, the office staff at the vet's office entered the contact information directly. Apparently they've learned how unreliable people are at doing it themselves.


Sooooo where are the 'new people' who own this dog? I'll bet there isn't any new people they just got tired of the dog and forgot about the chip until....................

I know I'm jaded.



What's the point of having a pet microchipped if it's not going to be used properly?

In any event, thanks for keeping us apprised of this poor pup's case.

Jackie Bouchard

Poor pup. I can't imagine selling a dog to someone else, let alone not caring when you hear that the person you sold it to has lost the dog. I'll never understand some people.


What they all said. :-)

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