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Lol. Sorry Laddy, but this was a funny story. I can't imagine how he even got up there.


Dexter is laughing his ass off.


our Chihuahua-dachshund did this! Not 10 feet, more like 4-5 & she did it to get away from an emu...but still.

I actually posted a picture way back when: http://uselessranch.blogspot.com/2010/02/flight-of-bumble-bee.html

The silly thing was it put the dog more or less on eye level if the emu had cared (she didn't).


That picture is priceless.


Woof Woof...LOL...Woof Woof...


It's amazing what dogs will do when they are on the run when they a chasing something.
Thankfully the dog is safe and back home.


too funny - and glad the officer connected the dog to her family :).

Dogs N Pawz

So glad the dog is okay and was reunited with her family!

Wendy Toth

OMG this is so funny/cute/sad/happy. Everything. I could totally see this happening to my June. Thanks for sharing a nice story.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

I saw this the other day! I bet there was a point in time where the squirrels were pooping their pants!


I guess it's much better than being caught out in the ocean! Silly dog, doesn't she know squirrels are more agile than dogs?


Shannon's dog, Houston, could probably relate!



Oh the poor thing! I've often wondered what would happen if they actually climbed a tree.

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