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Jackie Bouchard

I visited that exhibit when it was in San Diego. The dog, of course, really got me!

There was a woman freaking out in the exhibit - she thought we were looking at the actual people's bodies - she obviously hadn't stopped to read the info which explained (like you did above) that we were looking at 'molds'.


I always thought that everyone in the city got buried and never understood why they didn't get out. Thanks for an informative post.


This is very interesting...the dog bothered me...ever so much more than anything else. I think it was the 'tied up' part that says he couldn't leave so had to perish.



Isn't it strange that people are always more emotional about the dog than about all the people who died at Pompeii. Or maybe it isn't.

Roxy the traveling dog

Wow, that's fascinating. I knew of Pompeii, but not that they did plaster casts.


I did not know this either. Well I knew about the city and the volcano, but I did not know how much they cherished dogs or that they made plaster casts.

See, you learn something new every day. :-)

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