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I try to donate at a more local level. I think that's usually the best way to help.

Jackie Bouchard

Oh, I SO agree!!! I never send money to the ASPCA or HSUS. And I hate their guilt-sucking ads. Local groups are the way to go!

I hope more folks get this message!


People really do want to help...that is why the huge bureaucracies work so hard to keep their $100,000 or more paycheck each year. I am so grateful for those to donate to their local shelter. You are so right...many people give up their animals because they can't afford to take care of their medical needs.


This Sydney Life

Yay for wee Bobo!


I will never donate to the HSUS, but I do try to donate to local groups when I can. That dog is so cute!


people are good by nature..

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