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I have never liked Madonna - now I have even more reason not to like her.


This kind of stuff disgusts me. I can't believe she just "gave them away".

Actually, I guess I CAN believe it, sadly. :-(

Glad they found their way into rescue eventually.


You give me more reasons to not like her


Thanks for this follow-up to your previous story. I remember seeing photos of her with a dog, but not three, and I didn't know what happened after. Unfortunately, she's not the only person out there who isn't fit to provide a forever home.


I just never understand the evil behind something loke that.


Some celebrities use their talents for good, sadly one cannot say the same for others. I wouldn't want any of my children using this d-bag as a role model. I don't like her, never really have and I like her even less now.


Madonna has to keep re-inventing herself or the public will forget who she is. That means she has to drop the props and costumes from yesterday and start new trends. It really isn't her fault she has, as you say mindless minions who try to copy what she does.


I've always despised Madonna. Now I have one more reason.

BTW is that Djingo or Django? Just curious.


Ooops, It's Django. Thanks for the catch.

Hawk aka BrownDog

Hi Y'all,

You don't have to be a celebrity to think that animals have no feelings...for love or even pain. My Human doesn't trust people who have no feelings for pawed ones.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Terri Gardner

I shared this with my Facebook friends. I know that there are huge number of Chihuahuas in the shelters because of Madonna and her kind. It was nice to find out there is another Poodle blogger around!

Dogs N Pawz

Never really did like Madonna. Django is a cutie! Hope he finds a forever home real soon! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

Jackie Bouchard

I knew there was a good reason I didn't like Madonna!

The chi-with-the-blurred-face story is too funny. Crazy how idiots want their 15 minutes of fame - even if it's "infamy."

We get TONS of chi's at the shelter I volunteer at. It's ridiculous.


what a bitch..I'll never say a good word about her again.

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