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A bittersweet moment but so good it ended so well!


oh man...hope he has a place for her to go when he goes..


I haven't seen any mention of family members in any of the stories. Both the woman who is caring for him and the woman who found him have grown fond of Mr. Cutie. Hopefully there won't be  a custody battle.


Sad and happy at the same time!

Hope Mr Cutie gets well looked after after he's gone.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am happy mr cutie and his dada wer reeyoonited at the end!!! ok bye


Oh good, I'm glad they found the dog. I'd heard he went missing, and a missing dog story is sad enough without the owner in hospice. What a world :(


That poor pup, and the poor man. Blessings to them both and may the dog find peace and a loving home when the man passes over.


So sweet, I bet Mr. Cutie was looking for him.


Oh! I love this happy ending story. I also enjoyed the Rusty story.


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