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That poodle is butt ugly also kind of funny.

This Sydney Life

I think Walle is sexy-ugly. And, I think he's gorgeous!


I thought he was a just a sort of cute dog too.

Dr. Liz

While I wouldn't be into the whole extreme grooming thing (I consider any grooming adventure in which no one bleeds and the girls don't look too mangy when done to be a success), I actually CAN see how it would be a bonding thing, if you've got a dog who really enjoys being groomed, and a groomer who really knows what s/he is doing (unlike yours truly...). Not my thing, but I can see how it could be a great interactive experience. I'm not into showing dogs, either, but that's also bonding, and clearly there are a lot of people/dogs who like that, too. And Walle is a cutie.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I agree that grooming can be a bonding experience. But where does Sesame Street enter the process. :)

Human Rescues Dog

Wow, but Walle is actually quite cute :)


I thought he was cute..but dressing up dogs and dying dogs, not fond of that ..

Roxy the traveling dog

The poodle is............different. BOL. I think Wally is a kinda cute though.


I don't think Walle is all that ugly. He looks kind of cute to me, but I have a big lollipop in my yard because I'm a sucker for animals.

Kobe, on the other hand, is the exception to the 'sucker for animals' rule that I mentioned above.

Jackie Bouchard

We saw Walle on TV this morning. We think he's cute! He definitely looks like he was bolted together though from scrap parts...

As for that poodle.... I suppose a dog might like the attention. But what about all the other dogs snickering behind his back at the dog park??

I must say, the Grover on his back end kinda creeps me out. I don't want a dog's back-end smiling at me. Even if the dog supposedly likes it.


I don't think he's ugly at all! Those Chinese Crested, now those are ugly, but why breed a dog just to win an ugly trophy?


We see a lot of Bassadores in the Shelter...Lab's and Basset Hounds mixed... Of course these are HIGH energy dogs and rather homely...makes me sick.

I also detest how celebrities treat their pets...it just makes me sick.


BJ Pup

I think Wallie is cute too. Besides his mom and dad love him.

As for extreme grooming - I think it's disgusting. It's dye. When the dogs lick themselves and every dog does, they are ingesting the chemicals from the dye. Why would anyone want to do that? It also seeps into their skin.

I think the FDA or what ever agency is responsible for these things should put a stop to it. I wonder why PETRA or other advocacy groups don't run a campaign against the practice.

Karen Friesecke

I don't think that Walle is ugly.

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