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Biology! Best class ever! Sounds like you had a wonderful teacher.


Growing up with you taught me it's better to shoo spiders outside than kill them.

Sherry in MT

How amazing to have such a wonderful teacher!


You had a great teacher! Although, I didn't die, I did get extremely sick from a type of Brown Recluse spider...I give them a huge berth now.



What a great lesson to learn at a young age. I adore snakes and bats; a little creeped out by spiders. It is true that they all perform such vital ecological roles.

Jackie Bouchard

I am not a super girly-girl, except when it ccomes to creepy crawly things! I have literally jumped up on a chair and held my skirt and screamed at the sight of a mouse (just like in the cartoons...).

I hated biology class and FEARED the day they would make us dissect the frog or baby pig cadavers (which was what we'd heard from older kids). But luckily funding was so bad the year I took biology, there weren't enough bodies to go around - all we had to do was gather around the teacher's desk while she dissected a sheep's eyeball. (I looked away...)

Karen Friesecke

Now that's a cool Bio 101 course. Mine was not as cool. I love touching and holding snakes snakes, but I draw the line at spiders and bats. Cool in pictures NOT cool in my house.


Nope; just can't like snakes. However, I'm for leaving them alone and long as they leave me and my stuff alone. I do love to watch bats. Last night I thought I was watching large bats but my brother told me it was probably night hawks or whip-poor-will. Bats are more fun to watch and just think of all the bugs they eat.


I love science teachers like that. I wish we had more of them.

I had a terrific science teacher in elementary school... he also taught chorus so we learned Broadway show tunes from him, too. Yes, when you grow up in Manhattan, you can't get away from Broadway show tunes.

Later, I had an advanced biology teacher in high school who changed the course of my education. He was a wonderful science teacher.

BTW I love snakes and bats but you can keep the spiders... I did pet a tarantula once and I still don't know how I worked up the courage to do that.


I didn't care much for Biology and definitely wouldn't have been able to sit through this. I was bitten by a spider as a child (while I slept) and got blood poisoning. I don't care how small it is, spiders are not welcome at my house! LOL


I've been to enough snake show that I have a healthy respect for them..but spiders and bats..feck no.


Mom will nevFUR furget her junior high biology teacher that khonstantly told them "SPIDERS ARE OUR FRIENDS"

She khan still hear Mr Cable's words of wisdom!

PeeEssWoo: No spider killing here AND she also traps and relokhates many insekhts!

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