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Ooh, ooh, I really want to read this! Note to self, see if Becky can get it for me on interlibrary loan. I also read ahead and often. The dog HAS to survive!

Sherry in MT

I'm with Dan, I don't want to read or watch anything where a pet it abused or dies....


I've seen a lot of people reserve and pick this up at my library, and of course the dog made me want to read it! Good to know that she doesn't die....that's a worn out trope in literature, I feel. It certainly serves its "purpose" at times, but it shouldn't be a requirement in every book.


I can't read sad stories about dogs either...the first time I saw Old Yeller I hid in the car and cried for days and days. I only cant this that are good for cats and dogs and heck other animals also!



I haven 't heard of that one! Sounds like a great read--especially as it has a good outcome for the dog :) I will have to remember to check it out.


OK. I'm all for a crime fiction book where the dog doesn't pull an Ol' Yeller at the end.


Sounds like a good book. I too can't read books where something happens to the dogs and don't even let me see that stuff in a movie!


I like crime fiction anyway, but one starring a German Shepherd is a win-win for me.


I read it..I fecking loved it..and think it would make a great movie..or even a tv series..love love love it.

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