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Karen Friesecke

Hey, a dog's gotta' eat and the stinkier the better.

geogia little pea

How funny. A water police dog from our neighbourhood went AWOL recently and was missing for more than a day. I think she got bored with living at the station.

Jan Keefe

Even a police dog needs to just be a dog sometimes! It's too bad every missing dog couldn't get that kind of search party out there looking for them!

Sherry in MT

They are still dogs and we need to remember they are NOT human (although I know some humans that behave way worse than any dogs).


Hehehe, and here I was thinking that he had run off and found a drug stash or something!


i like the way that dog thinks


I wonder what made him bolt in the first place...how odd!


I'm guessing it was the scent of dinner on the hoof.


Highly trained or not, they are still dogs. You know the old saying... dogs will be dogs.

P.S. that dog looks just like my Elke.


Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know that even "perfect" dogs aren't always, well, perfect. :-)

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I loved it.

I know a local guide dog for a blind man who sits on the bus seat (where he's not allowed) all on his own. It's good to know that dogs, like humans, don't always do what they're supposed to.


how Old was the deer...we like our well rotted!


Southern quebec

My police dog story. :)
A state police force south of here (that shall remain nameless) runs a fund raiser once a year. Last year, part of the fundraiser was an "introduction to tracking". We signed up. The location was great and the price was right. Ten of us showed up with our dogs. Mid morning, we are taking a break. The dog is in the back of the car, and I am talking to the lady next to me. All of a sudden, we hear a man yelling, "No! Dog's name. Bad". Next thing we see, is a German Shepherd go whipping by, followed shortly by a running police officer.

The grinning lady next to me says, "Gee, I thought they were better trained.". we all got a good laugh. (he managed to get his dog back)

Every once in a while, a dog just has to be a dog.

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