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if she could talk, I bet she has a great story to tell.


Why do woo POODLES paw such silly khwestions?

PeeEssWoo: BTW, did I menion I am a Husky ;-)


And you've had some Husky adventures of your own, haven't you?


I'm sure it was fun for her at the time til her paws started to hurt...


I am so glad she was found! That is a gift in itself!


Karen Friesecke

Fantasy is never as good as reality. Glad that May is safe and sound.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Because Newton Marshall can't race his own team (Jamaican quarantine laws would not allow him to take a team and return them) to a race, other mushers have been very generous with providing teams for him to run.

I can only imagine how frightening this must have been to everyone. So glad to hear May was found.



found this for you.


How scary. What is it about Huskys that makes them wander? We had a similar episode with a friend's Husky mix recently, although it only lasted an hour. A long hour.

John@funny cats

Huskys are very reliable dogs and most preferable in cold environment. They are very friendly dogs if you ask me, one of the best breeds ever.


Yup. I bet she learned adventures are FUN! And you get an awesome dinner on your return. :-)

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that siberian must hav had kwite the adventcher!!! dada sez he wunders if she saw white fang wile she wuz running arownd up their i hav no ideea hoo that is but nowing dada it is probly a vampire or sumthing!!! ok bye


Poor thing, I imagine it was hard on everyone.


It is such a great story.

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