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Thank you Jan! I made this point recently to a Climate Change enthusiast. Of course he had answers, but I was there...he wasn't born yet. lol


There are some people who think all history started the day they were born. :)


Don't Ice Ages last for 1000s of years? I must have missed it too but this winter felt like one.


the sky is falling the sky is falling.


It's still coming. LOL


They say we really are going into a another small ice age...this winter sure makes it seem real. I have also wondered what kind of weather we were going to have after the melt down in Japan the other year. Cold here...we woke up to 2 above this morning. It's still cold right now with a nasty frigid wind.


Dennis the Vizsla

#52: Burn lots of fossil fuel!

But the bigger question is, which exit DID Frank take from M*A*S*H?


Hehe. Or why we can't beat the Soviets.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Just the reason I prefer the term "global weirding." :)


I remember when this Time magazine hit the newsstands... I didn't read it then either.



geogia little pea

It's been pretty steamy here. Hmmm. Was there a use by date, like the end of the world last December?


Wow! Major Frank Burns, aka Larry Linville. He and I jointly designed a tailless aircraft back in the '70s. He did the drawings and I did the math.

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