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Sherry in MT

Because sometimes we need media stories that indeed show the compassion of the human race, not the stupidity!

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

The crazy thing about the trolls who are so concerned about human lives is that they spend so much time trolling online they have no time left to better anyone else's life.

In truth, observing whale aberrant behavior helps us understand changes in the environment that are affecting humans. We all live in this world together and humans are only diminished when we don't help others.


To the trolls: Maybe because most animals are nicer than you.


And you know something, it wouldn't matter what was happening those same people would be ugly and negative no matter what. And if there were no animal to save...only humans...those trolls would gladly say that the humans deserved what they got...ha!

Two thumbs down on all the trolls in the world out there...animals are a huge part of our responsibility as humans for this big, beautiful planet!



ah, the human condition..bitch cause you can..sigh*


Interesting to know that trolls are not purely an internet-based phenomenon, but I think the Internet has bred more of them.

2 brown dawgs

An unfortunate by product of the internet society in which we live is that people have lost their compassion.


You have touched on one of my largest irritations of late. I don't understand why these things are either/or scenarios. Why helping a dog one day means we can't help a human child another. No one is suggesting that animals are more important than people when they get together to help in situations like these. They are merely aiding a living creature in distress. How can that be a bad thing? It drives me insane.


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