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Deb in AZ

Beautiful miss-understood animals, it's sad.

geogia little pea

So many animals get a bad rap or worse, get culled or killed, just because they're inconvenient or not cute or cuddly. Thank goodness there are people like Werner around, ready to dispel myths.


they are so huuuuuge :)

I think it is important we don't forget that the dogs we treasure evolved from these beauties

Sherry in MT

He is correct in that we were taught from a young age that wolves were evil. They are part of the circle of life and nature just as an elephant (or lion). I'm amazed at how large they are in the photo!


I'm thinking I could not do the feed by mouth thing.


That wolf has a smile as it is taking the meat!


Pup Fan

Interesting! Thanks for sharing.


i wouldn't be feeding them from my mouth!!


Now that's a level of commitment even I would have trouble realizing.


great story..loved it..
if you want to learn about a different wolf..read a book called damn, can't remember..I'll find it and get back to you..its great

Karen Friesecke

I never had a negative opinion of wolves. When I was 10, I saw the movie Never Cry Wolf and then went on to read the book that it was based upon. It demonstrates how wolves form a cohesive family and how they all work together to raise the puppies. It's a great film. Very wolf positive.


Thank you. YDG and I couldn't remember the name of the book, Never Cry Wolf  by Farley Mowat, It is a classic

Jackie Bouchard

I love wolves. So gorgeous. Funny, I never thought of them as evil or scary (like the fairy tales tell us to). Guess I just always saw them as big wild dogs. Interesting post!

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

I've always admired the beauty of wolves but I can't get over the fact that he wears a smock that smells strongly of animal fat and blood around the wolves. This just seems like an accident waiting to happen.


I love wolves, but you lost me HERE "getting meat and feeding the animals from his own mouth"

Gross. LOL!

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