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Sherry in MT

No kidding, I use them to line the parrot cage and have the same issue! (no pun intended)


Huh. I never thought of that before, actually. I wonder if my local shelter is in need. Every week we get this annoying free paper that I never read. It goes immediately in the recycling. I'll have to find out if my shelter is running low and I'll start collecting them!

geogia little pea

This shortage isn't going away either. One day, even the libraries won't have newspapers because it won't be profitable to produce them anymore. We stopped buying papers a couple of years back and now read all our news on the comp or watch it on telly. We get old newspapers for lining rubbish bags and for Georgia from neighbours who still buy them!

2 brown dawgs

I suppose they will eventually need to come up with something else when newspapers are no more. Had not really thought of that before.


After reading my daily paper, I save it for my brother to read (or go through depending how old it is before he picks it up) and then he saves them and takes a big stack to one of the vet's to use in their cages. Recycle, recycle, recycle.


Who would think of that? My shelter is always looking for newspapers too.

Now you have me wondering about the Yesterday's News cat litter my guys use.


good idea, I'll have to call fuzzy friends and see if they have a need for them..I still read papers.

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