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Sherry in MT

I remember when those little guys were all the rage, in fact though the bigger versions are still really popular in the pet stores today. I had no idea they spread salmonella.


EW put the turtles in their mouths?


I have actually seen kids kissing and putting tiny turtles in their mouths.


If a kid has a pet I'm sure they kiss it! No turtles for me!



I do remember the little turtles being sold. I probably wanted one then.

geogia little pea

Guilty guilty guilty! I had 3 pet tortoises in the 80s. They were small when I got them and grew too big to keep despite several aquarium changes. In the end, I had to drop them off at a lake. I took them for walks every day in the yard, or let them run around the house. They would sit on the rocks and make little noises. Memories! :)


I wonder if the turtles can be treated with antibiotics to make them safe to have as a pet.


Turtles are cute but maybe a plastic wind up one would be better! I think I will always have traditional pets though - cats and dogs and more cats and dogs ;) and perhaps a bunny or some chickens later on when I move somewhere we are allowed to keep them.


I never saw the point in owning caged animals. It's not like you can cuddle them. As for the parking lot vendor, you got to give him credit for trying!

Karen Friesecke

Surprisingly, hedgehogs carry salmonella, too.



I am not crazy about people keeping these as pets BUT there is one sure-fire way to avoid getting sick: after you handle the turtle wash your hands. In fact, after you scoop poop or change a diaper, etc. you should wash your hands. I am always STUNNED by people who don't. Also it helps if you don't put the turtles in your mouth. YECK!


when the kids were little we always had a small turtle..but thom would free them and they'd get lost and eventually die..he couldn't stand to see anything caged or pent up..


What is it about the little ones that make them so much more toxic?

dog drying towel

I believe I will always have conventional pets though - cats and dogs and further cats and dogs.

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