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That's very interesting.


That's very interesting! It's nice to just be a blog for two weeks. I usually do that when I take vacation from work.


Love wolves.

And now I have a new visual to smile over...
"Puppy Blobs" :-)

Sherry in MT

YUP! Wolves are NOT pets nor should they be made out as such.


What an interesting study. And it really makes sense. We have a neighbor who owns a wolf dog hybrid. It's a beautiful animal but one day when it was loose it almost killed one of our poodles.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes this mayks sense!!! we saw a dokyoomentry abowt dogs wun time and they had theez wolf pups wot had ben raizd in the howse like dogs and wen they got bigger they wer snappy littel monsters wot tried to jump on the taybels to git food and wood tayk yore fingers off if yoo offerd them a treet in other wurds they grew up to be tucker!!! only with bigger teeth and more of an attitood!!! ha ha ok bye


wow.I never knew that.


I like this site very much


I think they're beautiful and magnificent animals, but no they are not designed to be pets!

Georgia Little Pea

I'm a bit intrigued by the wolf cubs showing fear the first time they see or hear something. Shouldn't this be completely natural to them if that's the way they evolved? Surprise, I get. Fear?

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