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geogia little pea

I love your list of phrases and though I've never raised a child, I can imagine hearing those words would make me smirk LOL.

Dave Barry hasn't met Georgia.


I don't have kids, but I WAS a difficult teen once, so I can see why yours would be a winner.



What about

Want to go fur a walk?????.


Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Love it!

Studies show that parents are less happy than childless couples in their daily lives. But when parents look back at raising kids, they see it as the most meaningful thing they've ever done.

I wonder if hearing the most beautiful phrase helps parenthood turn the corner from worry to joy. :)

Sherry in MT

Lovin this post Jan!

Karen Friesecke

"You have the best dog ever."
Words that are NOT associated with Mr. Dexter :)


YES!!! TWO THUMBS UP!!!! You are so right. And now my kids are in the late thirty's and early forty's...NOW THEY REALLY DO UNDERSTAND!!!




They are magic words!! And sometimes they are a long time in coming, but all the sweeter for the wait. :-0


Brillant post!

Couldn't agree more with the phrases but I have to admit I like your one the best! Can't wait to hear Sorcha use that one!!


You're right! You won. What's funny is to hear your child say words or phrases that you have said so much, and they don't even realize it. "We'll see."


Agreed :)

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

Love this! My favorite word right now is "Unremarkable"! music to my ears!

I am so hoping that one day my favorite words will be "You were right Mom!" but I have a few more years before we get to that!


after years and years of fighting over clothes, my daughter and I were looking at some shoes and at the exact same time we both said 'those are cute." we looked at each other and both of us at exactly the same time, started singing the theme from Twilight Zone."..then started laughing..

Pup Fan

Aw... I love this post! Those are all some great suggestions.


Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also.

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