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geogia little pea

The link is password protected.

I don't understand. Seems like time and money spent on a dog that is already well and in good hands?


Weird, it wasn't password protected when I wrote the post. I will take the link down.

Sherry in MT

Justice is just plain stupid sometimes. Really...arguing over who gets custody. Find the poor dog a loving home and move on people!


just want to bitch slap them...poor baby.


GRRRRRRRRRRR! Stuff like this really gets me.



Patrick is doing amazing despite all he's been through. I saw a picture of him on facebook not too long ago, you'd never know it was the same dog.

I hope they throw the book at that bitch. Better yet, let's throw her a blanket party.

shih tzu

im happy to hear patrick is healthy, happy and loved. :D

San Diego Puppy

Poor dog. Atleast he's well taken care of now that he found a happy place. Who could do such a thing to a dog?

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You made some good points there.


Hey come on give the dog a loving home and now let's move on to that Kisa animal send a STRONG message by giving her at least 2 years prison take her kids away find there daddy's let there papa bring them up.

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