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Sounds like he covered everything.


I always felt bad that I had Bill fixed..all of his pups were fought over.everyone wanted one of Bills pups..

Sherry in MT

This might be a great book to check out...thanks for the review.


There were certain aspects of Merle's Door that bugged me, so I wasn't sure how interested I was going to be in Pukka's Promise. I think I'll probably still check it out now, though!


I've been anxiously waiting for this book. Merle's Door is my favorite book about dogs. I'll definitely be getting it on Feb. 5. Thanks for the excellent review, it confirmed my expectations about the book. I do disagree about the neutering for a dog like Pukka that runs free. Though any puppies he sires would probably be easy to place in homes, it's not wise or helpful advice for the vast majority of animal owners.


It seems he has a lot of valid ideas that you hear discussed in the dog community more and more, like over vaccinating and diet and sterilization concerns.

Thanks so much for this review. I loved his book about Merle, and I'm definitely adding this one to my amazon wish list!


We are long time follower's of Ted - we've got the book pre-ordered!


Jen @MyBrownNewfies

Now this sounds like a book that I could really get in to, although my husband would probably prefer that I don't!

Jackie Bouchard

Thanks for the review. I still have Merle's Door on my to-read shelf. This new book sounds interesting. Not sure about advising folks to not spay & neuter though... There are a lotta irresponsible dog owners out there. I have read that doing the S/N too young can lead to certain types of cancers, but have also read that *not* doing it leads to other types.

I definitely think food (quantity & quality) & heredity are the biggest things that influence a dog's life span.


I have YET to see a dog that arrives in the shelter fixed.I think it is a horrible to have tons of unwanted dogs and cats in shelters.



The current spay/neuter issue is not about the dog's fertility. The issue is about removing a significant part of the dog's endocrine system (testes/ovaries) and the effects that has, particularly on very young dogs.

Let me give an example. I have a young performance dog that is un-neutered. I would like to have him sterilized. My only option is castration. I don't think this is an acceptable option at his age, so he remains intact. If any of the local vets did vasectomies, he would already be sterile.

Most dogs should be sterilized. That isn't in question. What we need are better answers for when and how.


I agree. I think in the future the total removal of dogs' sex organs for birth control may be looked on as barbaric.

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