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LOL - and my thought was similar: "Police suspect that drugs were involved" Ya' think?

I'm glad everyone was okay but what the heck is in the water in Florida? ;)


Im glad the Dog is ok, they take drug and Innocent suffer the consequences , MAN UP


I like that word you made up there. lol


Good thing it was a Rottie and not some smaller, slighter doggie!

San Diego Puppy

Poor dog. Might be the strong effect of drugs.


Sometimes we need to point out the obvious to some people.

Such as the "caution contents are hot" writing on coffee cups at fast food places.

You can't fix stupid.


thank Goddess he wasn't in Texas.


Gross...that horrible nasty drug that even has people eating people! I'm glad he was able to save his dog. I don't care about the naked guy.


Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay kleerly this is only the beginning of the zombie apokalips i wil tel dada to sharpen up that sword wot he keeps hanging on the wall of his offiss!!! ok bye

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