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Thanks for the reminder. We often let our dogs into the front yard where anyone could reach over the short fence annd take one if we weren't watching.


I'm afraid to ask what they do with them

Sherry in MT

I would be interested to know if anyone also has asked how many shelters ALWAYS scan pets brought in be they stray or not. Ours doesn't and gave some stupid excuse that only one person there is "qualified" to do it! WHAT??

geogia little pea

Sold for drug money! Never heard of that before :(


Sherry, That is inexcusable. Scanning for a microchip is NOT rocket science.

I know that our shelter has to spend a lot of time with disconnected numbers or people who have sold or given away a pet and have no information on the new owners. So sad.



Yes, that was really new to me too. [drips sarcasm]


You're so right! This scares the sh*t out of me.


This is a horrifying state of affairs. I always tell people never to leave their dog tied up to a street sign or parking meter, which people in my neighborhood do all the time! It's creating an opportunity for a vile person to steal your beloved pet!


I'm always worried about this, though I don't know if anyone would bother to steal my wingnut. Purebred puppies I would think are quite valuable to thieves. There was a recent case in Nova Scotia where a house was broken into and the very young puppy was taken. Fortunately the public outcry caused the thief to return the dog by dropping him off at a police station. I don't know if they ever actually caught the individual but at that point the owners were just thrilled to have their dog back. Not every story ends so well.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

It's so important to update those microchip registrations! I get a quarterly reminder emailed to me to check and make sure all of our information is up to date!

Karen Friesecke

A 70% increase in dognapping? I'll buy that for a dollar...

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i pitty the fool wot tries to kidnap me or tucker frum mama that persun wood be fown in peeses spred akross most of suthern kalifornya!!! i suspekt they wood hav better luk if they tried to kidnap dada insted!!! ha ha ok bye

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