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Those commercials are heart wrenching. I will not watch them. I do donate to my local shelter. In fact it is probably time for me to donate some of my time when they get ready to build and new shelter.

Judy L

This is very sad, I didn't know any of this.


I'm so glad you posted this! I've heard that ASPCA just rakes in the bucks from that ad campaign, and it makes me sick. The silver lining I guess is that those of us trying to raise money for our causes can learn from them how to be effective. I'll never send them a dime and hope that the word gets out to others from excellent efforts like this post.


This is so sad. In a way though the small rescues are awesome *BECAUSE* they don't get bundles of cash and run only on goodwill. Wherever there is money there is a scumbag out to exploit it.


I've read very persuasive arguments on both sides of the coin, trying to glean a hint of truth about the ASPCA and the Humane Society. Finally, I gave up, and now when I donate, it goes to local groups that I know personally. It's just safer all around - and that goes for most charities.

Sherry in MT

I can't deal with the ASPCA adds. I am with Donna, I give my time and money to my local organizations (have the same issue with United Way) so there isn't a bunch being siphoned off the top for their "administrative costs"!


I knew most of this which is why I never give them (or PETA) any money them sonsabitches.
can I share this with facebook?


I hate that commercial and wherever I am when I hear that music I scream, "Turn the channel" I hate people who exploit animals and IMO they are one of the worst.

Great post Jan, I shared it on my facebook page, there are so many people WHO. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT.


They probably wouldnt get much money if they asked for money to pay for lawyers and settle lawsuits against them.

Karen Friesecke

Glad to see a decent news org. stick it to the ASPCA. It's about time that these large welfare orgs get some negative attention about what they are NOT doing, instead of all the puppies and kitties they are "saving" from puppy mills.



Jackie Bouchard

Oh, I so agree with you on this post! I've read much of this in the past, after a personal run-in I had with a person soliciting for the ASPCA outside a store. (A long, not-good story). I actually emailed my local SPCA after that to complain to them about the jerk they had soliciting money - they were so concerned they called me back and explained they have nothing to do with the ASPCA. (What was the NY ASPCA doing in CA anyway??) That's when I started researching and found out all this ugly info about the ASPCA. I definitely give my time and money locally. I wish everyone knew this info!

Pup Fan

Ugh. I hate those ads. They're so emotionally manipulative.

Thank you for sharing this info.

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