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I saw that on facebook but I didn't like it. LOL I know, I'm a biatch, but I was thinking and WHO is going to take care of this puppy?

Sherry in MT

I'm with Jodi, I didn't see it but the whole premise is just wrong! Make the kids show some RESPONSIBILITY then they can get a puppy.


I am kind of torn about the way it was handled by the parents, but the important thing is the puppy found a good home.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I sure hope the parents like dogs.

I know there are exceptions. But I don't think most kids (including myself) are able to take primary responsibility for an animal. I really believe the parents have to love animals first.

I hope this story has a happy ending, for everyone.


We saw this story last week on facebook and couldn't believe how quickly it went viral! The kids look happy anyway! Hope it all works out!

geogia little pea

Just read the comments. It might be alright. I pestered my dad for a dog and got my first when I was 5. I didn't cook for it, but I did almost everything else including feeding, lots of play and walks, and even basic training. My dad was pretty clear about whose responsibility it was. That dog (Cookie) ended up listening only to me haha!


kids..gotta love em.

Pup Fan

I wasn't quite sure how to feel about this one - on one hand, it was kind of cute. On the other, I was worried that the parents didn't really want a dog and it seemed like there was the potential for a bad situation. I hope that it works out for them.


I truly agree with you that kids must be given puppy once they prove that they are responsible to take care of their puppy.


Wow, that is a great idea DAD. All families with that many kids deserve to have another family member.
I hope my grandson doesn't see this post, he's been wanting a puppy for years, but we just can't afford to have one

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