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Georgia Little Pea

You're right about the money.

This is like the other case you posted about last year, and I'm sure many more. It's crazy when you consider how many dogs are in shelters that really need a home. Why fight over 1 dog? Anyway, if the new family really loved the dog, they'd let it go home. What's 533 dollars and even the law, compared to the ethics of the situation? Finders keepers hits a new low. Ridiculous.

Karen Friesecke

I wonder if city councilman Dave Watson is going to get re-elected? 5 kids want their dog back, geez....


I find cases of ownership dispute so interesting. Thank-you for sharing this story.

Unfortunately, the laws down here in Australia aren't much better.


Unbelievable story! Can't believe that the new family wouldn't give the poor dog back!

The law is crazy sometimes! As you say, only the lawyers will win out on this one!

Many thanks for following Clive on Twitter - we've followed you back! Only just starting on Twitter so we're on a steep learning curve!!

Alfie |Alfie's Blog

Rooo feel so sorry for that poor family - my humans would have gone bonkers if it happened to them! *waggy tail*

Southern quebec

I'm wondering if a micro chip would have solved the problem.


I'm wondering that too. The law seems to be so outdated, I wonder if they even had microchips when it was written.

Roxy the traveling dog

Good grief, I haven't heard this story. I agree with you 100%. The dogs belong with the original owners, and the lawyers need to go.....well, ya' know.


Another vote for a microchip. How sad for the original owners. :-(


Well, the law isn't the only ass in this story, that's for sure!

Hawk aka BrownDog

Hi Y'all!

Makes me never want to leave my Human out of my sight!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog


Winners, lawyers. That's a shame. You're right, at least the litle dog will have a good home.


Just when you think you've heard everything. It's bull tocky. Maybe we should stage a letter writing campaign on their behalf. Give them back the dog!!


the original owners should get the dog..and the other people should set a good example for their kids and give it up.finders is not keepers.


Someone mentioned that at least the dog will have a good home....with the person who stole her? The councilman in question here has a history of weird, aggressive, in-your-face behavior. I can't imagine how that constitutes a good home. If I were the real owner of Lucy, the little doggie would have long ago been forcefully removed from her kidnappers. Sadly, no one could ever have imagined that reason, right and the law would not have rectified this situation long ago.

The whole situation is horrid. I am actually moving close to that area and will surely not shop at the antique store that the councilman and his wife own in Easley SC & will actively campaign for a replacement for this moron when he seeks re-election. Anyone who has business dealings with Tricia or David Watson should cease to put a dime in these scoundrels pockets.


What awful people to try and keep someone ELSES Chihuahua. Even if there's a law stating otherwise, they should find compassion in their heart to connect this pup to his owner.

Cindy P

what is not being mentioned in this article is that there were allegations of mistreatment by the children of the Blantons by an outside party. Being 3 and 4 at the time with a small dog - can anyone say thay haven't seen a small child accidentially mistreat an animal? Also not mentioned is the fact that the Watsons posted signs including at the neighborhood store trying to find the owners. And this is not to start a fight - but I do believe all facts should be in the media.

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