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No I don't suppose it is. One thing I've noticed about our Animal Control officers as they really get off on the CONTROL part!



Goodness, what a story!

Hope the dog is recovered from it all!

geogia little pea

GAH! What is that saying about giving someone a uniform?!


Good grief, just when you think you've heard everything along comes animal control.

Sherry in MT

It's not the dogs AGAIN it is the stupid humans! Lord.


sigh*...poor doggie.

Glenview Animal Control

Thanks for sharing all this. We've been wanting to find someone who knows about this sort of thing.

San Diego Puppy

What happened to the Animal control Officer? Are there any updates? This is wrong.

susan purcell varnell

Sounds like 2 years ago when animal control raided my country home and arrested myself without even questioning me, torn my 89 year old mothers( who was visiting) chihuahuas out of her lap, took my dogs who had just got released from my vet recovering from a new strain of parvo, tore up my house "looking for animals" terrorized my grandchildren and in the end MY MOTHER DIED FROM A BROKEN HEART BECAUSE THE ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER TOOK HER 2 DOGS AND KITTENS AWAY FROM HER. A MORE IGNORANT AND WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR HUMAN BEINGS IVE NEVER SEEN IN MY 60 YEARS...MURDERERS!!!!!


Wow, you know you are hitting a new all-time low by stealing a Chihuahua from a nun. Some people never cease to amaze me with their antics...

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