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wow, i've heard of cats getting stuck in cars but not yorkies!

Sherry in MT

Stupid squirrels anyway!


Oh. My. Dog. I admit to covering my open mouth as I read this. Imagine driving the car and all the horrible things that might have happened to her and then the guilt....oh the guilt. Wait, maybe that's just me.

But right now I'm pretty glad I have dogs bigger than Yorkies.

That surely is a Christmas Miracle!!

geogia little pea

I'm sure Zoey is going to have some stern words to say to her "sister" ;)


she probably stuffed him up there


I'm glad they found her in time. I'd be stuck imagining a traumatized mechanic finding a mummified yorkie under the hood of a car if they hadn't.


Whew! Its a wonder she was lost on the road or killed by the fan!



What an amazing story. It must have been very hot for the poor dog. Scottish terriers are genetically built to be hardy, so thank God for genes.

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