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geogia little pea

Now there's a company that's confident it's giving good value for money.

When I read your title, I thought it was an app that would allow people to harass walkers who didn't pick up their dog poop LOL. I'd like that!


Excellent! We have to pass on this information to several puppy walkers we know!

Karen Friesecke

I like the idea of a GPS app that tracks the activity of dog walker & dog. I've always been kind of cynical dog walking services, thinking that they'll go into an owners house & just hand out instead of doing what thet're supposed to do. However, I DO NOT need to know when the dog drops a deuce :0


BaHAHAHAHAH I am always amazed at people. Shish!



I don't utilize a dog walker but I can imagine it would be very comforting indeed to receive a text message when at work, perhaps in the middle of a meeting with the boss, informing one that one's dog has just taken a nice pooper. I imagine I'd return to work relieved and with a spring in my step.


I think it's very silly yet I've been a loyal reader of this blog for quite a while now.


uh...I don't give a shit, when my pet shits..unless he does it in my shoes.


Well, as a dog walker and pet sitter I have to laugh! But I do see why some people might be interested!


Poop - there's an ap for that. LOL! Love this app - I'm going to download it just for shits and giggles :)


We must know when our dogs poop! It's certainly the most important part of our dogs' lives. ; )

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