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geogia little pea

Kooky looking dog but if it's for a good cause...


hah, I want to know how they get a dog to let them put that hair goop on them in the first place! my dogs hate anything that smells funny - Barbie ran away when i cracked open a bottle of doggie nail polish :P


Poor poodle! I wonder why he's smiling?

Sherry in MT

That is funny but I'm sure he's thinking as all our dogs do - abuse! LOL

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

If it helps good causes then I think it is w wonderful thing to have colorful hair!


now that's a good reason to dye a dogs hair/fur.


YES he does! A famous dog. At first I thought he was a clown dog. Tee hee



He dresses better than Jerry Garcia but otherwizs...


I mean otherwise

CeliaSue Hecht

adorable and for a very good cause


Ha ha! He DOES look a bit like Jerry. :-) That reminds me. I've got some Cherry ice cream that needs my attention...


It's wonderful dogs have been able to make such a difference for those suffering in the aftermath of Newtown. Good on Pasternak as well for going out in his own expense to lend a kind puppy ear.


OMD, I want some of that blue hair! Good for them..Newtown is the better for them.

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