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I don't see khat on the list!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Always good to remind people what foods are bad for dogs!

southern quebec

#12 could just be changed to "any dog food from China".

Gobble, gobble...
Or, as we say in Canada, Happy American Thanksgiving :)



Sherry in MT

Cute photo and I love that last reminder!


Oh I wish there was a like button on comments. Yes I do love my dogs more than people's feelings. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!





Very cute. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

geogia little pea

I am freaking out because this is the second list I've seen in the last few days that includes turkey. Georgia gets raw turkey legs (most skin off) twice a week. I started feeding her those after she reacted badly to beef brisket and chicken wings! She's had them for months and seems fine with them. Should I be worried? Is it salmonella? HELP! :(


It seems to be a problem with salmonella which is not a problem when thoroughly cooked. If you haven't had problems for this long, you probably don't want to make changes. There probably isn't any food that is totally "safe" for humans and dogs.

Karen Friesecke

Happy Thanksgiving, Jan!

Pup Fan

Have a good Thanksgiving!


happy thanksgiving dear sweet friend..

I'm sorry about being late on comments..but that baby is a energy sucking field ...I'm lucky to do my 3 posts a week.


We're always careful with what we throw away because our dogs can't walk by the trash without sticking their noses in it and snuffle for some tasty bits.

This year, my sister's boyfriend made home made dog biscuits which the girls loved. He also made a pumpkin cheesecake which the humans loved :-)

Hope your Thanksgiving Day was a good one.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Thanks for the greeting. I hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday together.

I loved your advice about dealing with your guests. I remember my mother-in-law thinking we were mean for asking her not to feed the dogs from the table. Until they got a little over-excited and started jumping up on the table.

I told you so was never so sweet.

geogia little pea

Thanks Jan. I moved from raw chicken wings to raw turkey because I'd read about salmonella. Chicken wings are very commonly fed to dogs here. I'm beginning to think there are too many problems with raw feeding. We've tested so many diffferent types of bones over the last year and nothing seems to be 100%. You're right, there's probably no totally safe food!

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