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I thought once a dog is rescued from a rescue center the rescuer is free to do what they think is best for that dog. In this case, the dog seems to be thriving in its new home. I don't see how the rescue can make a case in court and should use it's money more wisely.

We took my brother's visibly overweight Shepherd mix for almost 2 weeks while he and his family went on vacation. She received the same love, food, and exercise that our dogs got routinely. Nothing special. When they picked her up, the dog had lost quite a bit of weight and looked fit and healthy.

This made them realize that because they weren't able to walk her and she had no yard in which to run, it would be better to let her live with a family who could better provide for her needs. They gave her to a friend where she thrived for several years until this woman was moving and could no longer care for her and was going to take her to a shelter.

My brother and his family took her back and made sure she was walked regularly. I just saw a picture on Facebook of my newest niece (now 2 years old) lying on her and giving her love. What a story.


"Why is it that a rescue that has to advertise on Facebook for people to care for special needs dogs can pay $200-$250 an hour or more to hire a lawyer? "
You hit the nail on the head! Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame.


Why indeed...


Karen Friesecke

It really chaps my ass that hundreds of people will line up to adopt a Chihuahua with no front legs while there are thousands of "regular" dogs waiting for homes in animal shelters that have no takers.

Celebrity does strange things to seemingly normal people.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

Why is that the shelter owner fails to realize that almost feeding a dog to death is much more cruel than a 6 hour plane trip? Even though I don't agree with all the exposure this case has gotten I still think the owner should be hit with an animal cruelty for what she did to her dog and not be allowed to own dogs in the future. She obviously does not how know to properly care for a pet.


First it made me sick just looking at that poor dog, second it sounds like the rescue wants their five minutes of fame.

Why can't people see that it should only be about what's good for the dog?


All I can think is this poor dog... It sounds like the judge at least has his best interests in mind. Too bad not every body does.


I'm thinking the judge is smart enough to do the right thing

geogia little pea

That is a jolly good question. Poor doxie. The owner sounds like she wanted her own 15 minutes.

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