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geogia little pea

The trusty toilet roll of course! Cardboard cartons seem to be popular too. Georgia's favourite toy is whatever the other dog is having.


True! Followed closely by used kleenex in the trash and in our house, empty pop bottles.


ha ha, it is also toddler's favorite toys too. Just ask my daughter. My granddaughter (20 months) flushed a roll down the toilet. LOL


Ours are really into boxes!



Boxes and paper bags are favorites around our house.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Why of course. You're so clever to understand what dogs and cats have known for years.

Blueberry's human

That's so funny! It is true - and then the 4 leggers look at you like you should REWARD them when you notice the toilet paper trail all over the house!


Yes, they always look so proud of themselves to have discovered this particular toy, like we've been hiding it to play a game with them.

Always On Watch


Our new addition to the family -- a kitten of about seven months of age -- got into a roll of toilet paper just this morning. Never mind that Amber has dozens of "real toys"!


That is SO true. My peoples even save the inside part (even when we don't get to the outside part) so that we can rip and tear it up. But she only gives them to us on vacuuming day!

Karen Friesecke

I have to hide the TP cardboard rolls from Dexter. I can't put them in the recycling because he always digs them out. Goes double for the paper towel rolls, too. Don't know what's so fascinating about them...


Dexter has discovered a baby toy..a ball with holes all over it so you can see the tiny ball inside..he's going crazy trying to get that ball out.


A crumbled up piece of paper is a close second on our list of favorite toys!


Don't forget pop bottles! My dog is obsessed with plastic bottles and goes nuts as soon as she sees me start to toss one for her. It's hilarious. And a lot less messy than toilet paper.

If you are creative, you really can make a pet toy out of pretty much anything.

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